we are Guatemaltek

We are a systems integration company providing innovative technology solutions to bridge Europe and remote areas of Guatemala. Our operations prioritize social impact, sustainability, and job creation in Guatemala, while delivering high-quality services to our European clients.

Our Values

Connecting Words. Empowering Communities.

We believe in providing opportunities for individuals in need to improve their lives through technology and job opportunities.

We prioritize social impact and giving back to local communities, while conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner.

We strive to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of technology to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions.

We believe in fostering collaborative relationships with our clients, partners, and employees to achieve mutual success.


We are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner and promoting sustainable economic growth in the communities where we operate.


We embrace diversity and promote inclusion in all aspects of our business, recognizing that diverse perspectives and experiences lead to better outcomes.

Proyecto Cuchumatanes - The team

Our History

Proyecto Cuchumatanes

In 2016, our journey commenced at the picturesque Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Our pioneering initiative looked to address the issue of unemployment among IT professionals residing in rural regions of Guatemala. At that time, our project primarily focused on equipping them with training in middleware technologies such as Boomi and SAP HCP (currently CPI). Through our concerted efforts, we not only provided them with valuable skills but also facilitated their placement within prominent IT companies.

Today, we take pride in witnessing the transformative success of these individuals, who have flourished as accomplished integration consultants within international organizations.

Proyecto Cuchumatanes me abrió puertas a nivel laboral y ha sido una oportunidad de crecimiento profesional, me ha brindado además estabilidad personal y familiar.

Edgar Martinez

Integration Consultant

Devolver a mi comunidad un poco de lo que he recibido siempre ha sido parte importante de mi vida, y el proyecto Cuchumatanes me permitió experimentar una nueva forma de regresar a mi comunidad no como visitante, sino como agente de cambio para aportar a su desarrollo.

Anasilvia Salazar

PhD Candidate

En nuestros departamentos o interior del pais de Guatemala, no se tienen las oportunidades laborales en el área de tecnología. Sin embargo, con la iniciativa “Proyecto Cuchumatanes”, pude ejercer mi profesión como ingeniero de sistemas y conocer tecnologías como SAP. Actualmente tengo certificaciones en SAP SSFF EC, SAP Cloud Integration, SAP Hybrid Integration y trabajo en esquema Home Office para clientes a nivel global (Centro America, Mexico, USA, Canada, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia y Francia). Estoy muy agradecido con Proyecto Cuchumatanes y con los profesionales que me brindaron la oportunidad en ese momento.

Carlos Juarez

Integration Consultant

How Guatemaltek started

From the beginning of this journey, our primary objective has been to provide Guatemalan IT professionals with opportunities that enhance their quality of life and that of their families. Our core focus lies in fostering social impact, sustainability, and employment generation within Guatemala, while simultaneously delivering exceptional integration, data, and analytics services to our global clientele.

At Guatemaltek, our founders bring forth extensive expertise as technology architects, granting us a distinct advantage in comprehending the diverse requirements of customers across various industries.

Cultural Benefits

At Guatemaltek, we possess a deep understanding of Guatemalan culture, its people, and their remarkable abilities.


Transforming individuals

And Organizations